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Nano Materials & Processes, Inc. (“NMPI”) combines science, engineering and imagination to create disruptive, high-value products and solutions. We develop and produce custom and off-the-shelf applications of detonation synthesis nanodiamonds in Composite Materials, Electrochemical Deposition and Tribology.

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NanoMPI to discuss ultra-dispersed diamonds at Engine Expo 2014
Monday, October 27, 2014

About Us

We are world-class physicists, chemists and engineers with decades of experience in composite materials, electrochemical deposition, and tribology. This industry expertise allows NMPI to develop and produce both custom and off-the-shelf applications of detonation synthesis nanodiamonds (“DSND” or “ultra-dispersed diamonds”).

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NMPI's nanodiamond engineering is based on fundamental research, rooted in military science experiments with explosive substances such as trinitrotoluene and solid rocket fuels. These ultra-dispersed diamonds are in a class of materials at the lowest end of the “nano” scale and are smaller than some molecules.

This is a fundamentally new class of materials with unique and commercially valuable characteristics.


Custom Solutions

NMPI’s DSND solutions solve problems or enhance products.

Our staff can show you an unusually high level of creativity in devising custom applications of nano-materials. We also license our intellectual property, and offer specialized consulting in materials science.

Ask us about a no-charge assessment to determine how NMPI can improve your product or solve a problem.